To My Mother With Love

Going out to my mother on this, her special day,
Wishing you the best in every kind of way,
You see, you mean the world to me,
Just by the things you say or do,
Just a way of saying,
How much I love you.

When I need a helping hand,
Or someone to show they care,
I know that I can count on you,
Any time, any place, anywhere,
So here then I take my hat off,
To such a wonderful mum.

I would just like to say,
You are 1 in a million.

50 Years a Husband and 50 Years a Wife

50 years a husband
50 years a wife
You kept a golden promise
that love can last for life.

Throughout your years together,
you have such special things
the closeness and the happiness
that only true love brings.

Oh what a shining example,
for everyone to see
bringing people together, friends and family.
What a remarkable occasion,
for all as we celebrate here today,
It’s a 50th wedding anniversary
Hip hip hip hooray.

Well, my dad just loves the keyboards
and locks guests in the front room ,he’ll do anything to get them to sing,
Even Ernie the cat would sit beside him.

My dad! Oh what a sense of humour, always telling jokes,
My dad a choir master, who got on with lots of folks.
He would say, come on open up your mouth,
And sing along to the notes.

My mum, quiet and caring, counselling people from all walks of life,
She would often tell Brother Jones off, for eating too much apple pie.
She would say, remember you’re diabetic, your blood pressure will go sky high,
She would say, keep the living room tidy, “please sort out all those books”.

People are coming to the place, don’t you care how the front room looks?
My mum would wrap the world in cotton wool if only she could,
Well guess what, that’s my mum
Don’t you think that she’s good?

Tell me what’s the secret recipe, would you all like to know?
50 years of marriage bliss, here’s how the story goes.
Mix up a bit of patience, ideas and good thoughts too
Always remember mothers and father’s day, appreciation goes a long, long way.

Prepare a bit of flying fish, sure will keep your relationship alive.
Remember the way to a man’s heart is through his belly,
so if you can’t cook, you won’t survive.

Enjoy each other’s company, this will never go amiss,
remember the special moment when you had your first kiss. Care and share with each other, remember all your secrets too, everything’s going just right, it all boils down to the two of you.

Here goes the secret recipe, mix it all up in a dish, 50 years have gone on,
binding and moulding a faith so strong.
Now you know the secret, I have given you all the clues, the secret lies here,
Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour has gladly brought them through.