The Excercise Queen

There's such a special lady, called Jenny Ugene,
a fitness fanatic, and exercise queen.
Would you honestly believe that shes 50 today?
She's so young at heart and toned in every way.

A woman who loves walking, exploring, and dancing too,
reading ,and playing scrabble, is also what she loves to do.

Born in Bethnal Green London, and lived in Leeds for 17and a half years.
Her favourite foods are Thai, and Italian, they never go to waste.
Preferably in a restaurant or at home is the perfect place.
A woman who's held lots of classes, Mandella Centre,and Hillcrest too,
Brackenedge, and Yorkshire Dance, and lots of schools, old and new.

A fitness fanatic, and exercise queen,
today is your Day Miss Jenny Ugene.

Some say at 50 , you're well over the hill,
but like jenny if you take care of yourself, you will always look brill.
she would say, get that body moving, in her excercise class,
and believe me if she's on your case, move your body, quick and fast.

Stretch your body, tense your muscles, you're sure to lose the weight.
shake off all the food that was piled on your plate.

So as family and friends come together
to celebrate this special day,
lets raise our glasses,
to Jenny Ugene The Excercise Queen,
hip hip hip hooray

Happy 5oth Birthday
Jenny Ujene
The Excercise Queen

Happy 60th Birthday Tony

Heavenly Father, we call on you on Tonys 60th milestone Birthday,
As a family we come together and celebrate his life in such a special way,

As we celebrate this treasured milestone,

We ask you to surround us with your presence, build us up and keep us strong.

On Tonys 60th Milestone Birthday help his sweet memories sing a happy song.
Help us to reflect on all the good times, and all the joy we shared,

As friends and family come together, let’s remember the mark in our life’s he has made.

The things that he would say, the things that he would do,
Sweet memories that mean so much to me and you.

Dear Lord surrounds us with your blessings, lift us up and bring peace to our hearts,
Because only you can give us comfort, and guide us day after day
Protect us and bless us in such a special way.

Dear Tony sweetly rest in peace, your work on earth is done,
You will forever remain in our hearts.

One love and happy 60th Birthday from everyone.
Dear Lord we thank you for the life of tony.

Such a special gift from above,
Help to make this day so special,
And simply shower it with love.

Happy 50th

There's a party girl called Cheryl
she sure has it going on,
So bright beautiful and bubbly,
she always,sings a happy song.
A sensitive fun loving hard working person.
who simply loves life to the max,
family friends and the community
Is simply where her heart is at.
Her favourite colour is red,
and some know her as Chez.
Pedicures,dressing halls for weddings and parties,
is what she loves doing best.
She loves carnival and calypso
and Asian food too,
4 beautiful children,
nuff respect due.
So here goes a happy 50th,
simply going out to you
Girl you have it going on,
enjoy your day,and may all your dreams come true.

Mr Never Mind the Weather

Birthday greetings going out to Mr Keith Henry,
Also known as Lennie Ranks,
Reaching the age of 51, we must give thanks!

He loves music and DJ-ing, lots of promotions too,
Loving up his roots and culture through and through.
He holds a rave in Nottingham and sells music on Ebay,
And has over 30 years’ experience as a DJ,
Lady Thelma calls him ‘Keet’,
In a patois way,
Keeping her man sweet,
Well what can I say?

Celebrating his 50th at the age of 51,
A man of roots and culture that’s where he’s coming from.
I heard he thinks he’s a weather man, forecasting week by week,
Hail snow or sunshine, he’ll try to keep you on your feet,
But please don’t watch de wedda, in England you don’t know when rain is gunna reach,
So please ease up on your forecasting, it’s not something you can preach.
Whether or not the sun is breaking through,
Or rain is coming down, maybe thunder in the air, or grey dark clouds,
Please leave it to the weather man, you see him on TV,
He sure has a purpose that’s just where he should be.

So here goes to Mr Music Man enjoy, celebrate, have fun,
Enjoy with family and friends,
Wishing you a fab birthday, sending sweet blessings and birthday greetings from everyone.
So your forecast is to have a great birthday, never mind the weather,
Wishing you many more happy years now and forever.