You're Special

I told you that you’re special,
In such a unique way,
The things you used to do, the things you used to say.
Your gentle words of wisdom,
Never went a miss,
You would say, “remember put God first,
Put a daily prayer on the list”.
Such a beautiful woman inside and out,
A woman of many talents,
Of that there is no doubt.

.A woman who loved her family and friends,
She loved her community with a passion too,
Parties, AGM’s, funerals, meetings, you name it,
She would be there, boy that’s so true.

I told her that she’s special on her birthday
Right there on her hospital bed,
I shot down them stairs at Jimmies, I nearly broke my leg!

But seriously, I’ll hold onto those special memories,
Like nothing else I’ve treasured before.
So to the sweet woman of love, light and wisdom,
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, Veronica Dore.
In Everyway Beautiful

In everyway beautiful inside and out,
a remarkable outstanding woman without any doubt,
a cool calm nature, shining love peace and light,
In everyway beautiful fought the good fight.
Never showed any falseness, she always kept it so real
always greeted you with a hug and a kiss,
a true love that you could feel.
In every way beautiful come what may,
someone you could trust and count on
to brighten up your day.

A distinctive personality, she would laugh at anything
and that smile, you would sure see it coming,
regardless of many things

a unique woman whom knew the value of having so much fun
she will be well and truly missed
someone so unique and simply loved by everyone.

So rest in peace sweet
now that your heaven bound
the angels above await you,
you have done your family, friends and community so so proud.
Rest in sweet peace.

Primark Shoes

Di calypso dance was really nice
Little did me know
When mi wukup an’ wine mi waist
Me heel was gunna go

Calypso music irie
Everyting jus’ fine
Next ting me did know
Mid deh pan mi behine

Mi mash up, mi bruckup
Lard mi did feel shame
What did hell it gat to do wid you?
Nubba call out mi name

People dem cum stan around me
Do you need a helping hand?
I said left mi lone I’m easy
Jus’ listen to di calypso band

Di dance hall was so full
Where mi gonna look?
Di hole ah dem know
Mi Primark heel brukup

Mi ask one gal fi super glue
She said gal you nun have nun shame
Shi said luk down at mi foot
Mi heel bruck up just di same

One day you’ll get older
You will mashup yuh foot dem too
Nubba fallow fashion
Mek fashion fallow you

Lord mi mashup, mi bruck up
Mashup in mi Primark shoe
When unna trying to save money
Mi Primark shoes won’t do

Free Spirit Poem

An evening of holistic wellbeing,
Lots of relaxation too,
Grab a bean bag sit down relax,
feel at home please take off your shoes.
A place where spirits flow freely,
Simply express what’s on your mind,
You could be menopausal, or have a health issue of any kind.
Time to chill and unwind, in a warm comforting environment here for you.
Calling all Nubian queens,
Share feelings and thoughts, whatever you’re going through.

Offering guidance and support,
Whoever you may be,
Put your mind at peace, and set your spirit free.
Take time out, share wellbeing tips,
Try out the hand and neck massage,
It’s high time to put yourself first,
why suffer alone in the dark?

Lots of interesting books, and a variety of sweet music for you,
Enjoy our fresh fruit, and spring water,
Homemade smoothies and marinades too,
Not forgetting the green tea, and herbal teas of many kinds,
A great detox, yes it’s that time to free up your mind.
Homemade gluten free cakes always go down such a treat,
But cut back on that sugar, and time to watch the foods you eat.
So sisters, free up your spirit, chill and have fun,
because your problem can be solved,
One step at a time and the victory is won.

P Jones.

Celebration of Life Poem

(For Beyond Cancer)

Butterflies are dancing, way up in the sky,
moving to such a peaceful beat,
whilst celebrating people’s lives.
Representing colourful ribbons,
generating awareness for you and me.

There are so many types of cancer affecting so many.
Prostate cancer, and breast cancer too, colon cancer,
childhood cancer, to name but a few.

So let’s celebrate the lives of all survivors,
and special loved ones we have lost.

Today’s such a special day, and that's all because,
we're celebrating here together,
we have all become as one,
such a joyful social activity simply here for everyone.

Butterflies are fluttering, making a sound so sweet,
singing songs of harmony with beautiful words making everything complete,
shredding flamboyant colours,
giving out such a beautiful glow
because the loved ones we lost are now in heaven,
there at rest and at peace, and letting everybody know,
The tree stands tall, and steadfast to the ground.

Butterflies surround in many numbers, making blissful sounds,
their wings gently kiss the sun,
as they dance above the tree of life,
a rainbow of colours has just begun.

What a joyful occasion, and collection of positive thoughts for you and I,
if we look back over the years,
we realise just how quick time has passed us by.
Just reminisce for a minute and reflect to the past,
your brother, your mother, your sister, your father, someone’s dad.

Just hold onto them treasured memories for a moment and let them last.
So every time you remember that special butterfly,
just remember all those sweet memories too,
and remember all the good times that special person spent with you.
The butterflies have now settled, and are now somehow fastened to the tree,
oh well, I guess that’s just where they're meant to be.

So hold onto them special memories, although it's so hard, sing a happy song,
and the everlasting memories, will be sure to live on and on.