Scarman Trust Jingle

You can do it with the Scarman Trust
communities together its a must,
high time to get together,
and do what you have to do,
because Scarman Trust says you can do.

Volunteer Poem

volunteers everywhere,
today’s your special day,
time for recognition,
hip hip hip hooray

its a celebration,
of all the hard work you do,
putting in all that time,
today is all about you.

you never hesitate,
you just bascically get on with the job,
you get down to work,
and give it all you have got.
its a celebration

for your efforts and good deeds
making a remarkable differerence
helping others too achieve.

working for nothing, but giving your all,
we can never fault you,

your at our beck and call.

you get your travel exspences paid
thats about the lot,
you dont recieve a wage,
no time to frown you just get on with the job.

helping hands are in demand,
where ever you may go,
charities, or organisations,
you know how it goes.

so today lets celebrate,
as volunteers are simply great,
and remember theres always work some where todo
so to you special people todays your day, its all about you.

so volunteers enjoy your special day,
its a celebration
hip hip hip hooray

P Jones

Women’s Sheild

Moving forward together
making a positive stand
with such an entrepeneral spark
walking hand in hand.

Striving to make a difference
setting goals and plans
head down, focus ,action
your business is in demand.
Offering free business coaching
personal development too,
workshops and jewellery making
lots of taster sessions for you.

Thinking of running a business?
and simply dont know how,
having chilcare difficulties?
they sure will help you out.
They will guide you and protect you,
and direct you down the right path,
no need to be good at english,
or have top marks in maths.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business,
and not quite sure about the field,
there’s someone right here to help you,
no other than women sheild.

Patricia Jones