Baby Girl

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl,
oh! what a special treat,
Frilly dresses, and little bows,
baby girls they are so sweet.
Baby girls are like diamonds and pearls,
beautiful in every way,
God will shower down his love,
on this her christening day.
So cherish every moment,
and celebrate until the max,
because you’re well and truly blessed,
raise your glasses to that.

New Baby Boy

A gift from God is so special,
congratulations on the birth of your little boy,
cherish every moment,
he sure will bring you so much joy.
guide him and protect him,
as I wish you all the best,
give God thanks and praises
your well and truly blessed.

The joyous things they do,
as you watch them grow,
chuckling them first words,
crawling too and fro.
you’re blessed with something beautiful
that will always be a special part of you,
a big congratulations.